Our Story

“Know your Strengths to Drive and Strengthen Them to Thrive.”

Prasanth Palakkadiyal, Founder


  • EMPSIS is a holistic value based organization in dealing with life as a whole nurturing “Strengths”.
  • EMPSIS introduces “strength designs” i.e. “Strengths as Talent” and “Strength Appreciation Process” for Happy Living; both personally and professionally; for the need of 21st
  • We strike a balance by attending to occurrence of both traditional and modern societies in order to facilitate change in individuals and in their areas of strengths.
  • In order to design meaningful days ahead in this world of endless possibilities, both personal and professional for sustained  prosperity, we facilitate in setting realistic expectations and in cutting down on realization period to deal with life as a whole. Hence, EMPSIS emphasis on deriving “Strength-Based Sustainable Strategies” in less of time, money and energy for more of impactful actions and outcomes.
  • It is necessary to change before it’s too late, to take well informed Strength -based decision periodically.
  • In the new paradigm of “Strength Based “career development for 21st century, people experience different social arrangement of work that moves from permanent to temporary jobs/ projects, from linear to dynamic career trajectories and from specific career knowledge to lifelong learning and certifications in order to be competent to take up the challenge of tomorrow.
  • Transitions from schools to work, personal to professional, a global citizen to a well-balanced individual who will continue to contribute during all these stages of living in society building initiatives have to remain dynamic in dealing with life as a whole. The journey with EMPSIS will facilitate you in leading strength-based meaningful and happy living.
  • EMPSIS Solutions Global plays significant role in contributing towards constructive growth of individuals leading to initiatives those will translate to Socio-Economic and Spiritual Transformation in Nation Building.


  • We are the first organization in the making of One Million Entrepreneurs on the basis of your strength for socio-economic and spiritual transformation.
  • We are emerging as the largest organization based on Strength, focused on facilitating the student community to make well-informed decisions as to “which is the best decision to win” and also in facilitating Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship mindset for employment.
  • We are educators and thought leaders for Enterprise Creation apart from developing Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs in solving societal and market needs.
  • We are passionate about the desire to make your idea a reality.
  • We celebrate Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • Training and Certifying individuals in Project Management, Entrepreneurship & Business Management and others for futuristic needs
  • Assess holistically and facilitate individuals for their careers.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities with national and international entrepreneurs, Investors and other business experts.
  • EMPSIS Solutions is committed to preparing the next generation on basis of your strength for taking well informed decision for personal and professional happy living.


  • Poverty reduction and peace stabilization require new employment opportunities, and necessitate accelerated structural changes in the economy.
  • Passion for empowering individuals and institutions
  • Focus on transformation and value based deliverables for sustained prosperity for both; individual and institutions.
  • Unique Experience in Ideation and project execution in Education, Training and Cultural events
  • Vocational skills training programs and training and re-training in basic literacy, numeracy, creativity, and non-cognitive skills can assist in recuperating the loss of basic skills and workforce readiness and help increase youth employability
  • Professional networking internationally with corporations, trainers, Scientists, other subject matter experts and artists
  • We impart skill training to youth with focus on first time entrant to the labour market
  • Acquiring continuously knowledge and skills from the Masters, Gurus and Practitioners in Project Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Business Management, Ecosophy and others.


Our Vision:

To transform society by bringing about integrated Strengths in individuals who is capable of dealing with life as a whole.

Our Mission:

Aligned with Vision India 2020 and as advised by our beloved visionary President Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, towards social reconstruction and improvement, EMPSIS  continue its endeavor to solve the problems of Employability and Entrepreneurship.

Emphasizing on setting realistic expectations and minimizing the realization period by enabling individuals in taking well informed decisions for personal and professional living by using Higher Education and Career Planning, development of living and technical skills in the areas of individuals passion leading to “Enterprise Creation”, better “Project Management” and much expected “Socio-economic” development.

The development initiatives will be facilitated in Universities, Institutions Corporations and in communities.

 This approach will bring radical changes to individuals, organization and societies in performance, yielding impressive socio-economic progressive results. 

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